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Swiss Airlines Seat Selection Policy

Swiss Airlines, known for its exceptional service and comfort, offers passengers a variety of seat selection options to ensure a pleasant travel experience. Understanding the Swiss Airlines Seat Selection Policy is crucial for travelers who wish to customize their seating preferences and enhance their in-flight comfort.

Understanding the Swiss Airlines Seat Selection Policy

Swiss Airlines provides passengers with the flexibility to choose their preferred seats in advance. This policy applies to various classes of travel, including Economy, Business, and First Class, each offering distinct seating options and benefits.

Economy Class Seat Selection

In Economy Class, passengers have several seat selection options:

  1. Standard Seats: Passengers can choose standard seats during or after booking. These seats provide a comfortable travel experience at no additional cost, though availability may vary based on the flight.

  2. Preferred Zone Seats: Located in the front section of the Economy cabin, these seats allow passengers to disembark quickly upon arrival. An additional fee is required to reserve these seats.

  3. Extra Legroom Seats: For those seeking more space, Swiss Airlines offers extra legroom seats, typically located near the emergency exits. These seats are available for an additional fee and are subject to specific safety requirements.

Business Class Seat Selection

Business Class passengers enjoy enhanced seat selection options:

  1. Advance Seat Reservation: Business Class travelers can reserve their preferred seats at the time of booking at no extra charge. This ensures they get the best possible seating according to their preferences.

  2. Priority Seating: Passengers in Business Class have access to priority seating areas, providing additional comfort and convenience.

First Class Seat Selection

First Class passengers receive the highest level of service and flexibility in seat selection:

  1. Complimentary Seat Reservation: First Class travelers can choose their seats during booking without any additional fees. Swiss Airlines ensures that First Class passengers have access to the most comfortable and exclusive seating options.

  2. Customized Seating Arrangements: For those with specific seating preferences or requirements, Swiss Airlines offers customized seating arrangements to ensure maximum comfort and satisfaction.

How to Select Your Seat

Passengers can select their seats through various methods:

  1. During Booking: Seats can be chosen at the time of booking your flight on the Swiss Airlines website or through the airline's customer service.

  2. Manage Booking: If you didn't select a seat during booking, you could log into the 'Manage Booking' section on the Swiss Airlines website and choose your seat.

  3. Check-In: Seats can also be selected during the online check-in process, which opens 23 hours before departure.

Seat Selection Fees

The fees for seat selection vary depending on the type of seat and the class of travel:

  1. Economy Class: Standard seats are generally free, but Preferred Zone and Extra Legroom seats incur additional charges.

  2. Business and First Class: Seat selection is usually complimentary, but specific premium seats might have a fee.

Special Considerations

  1. Families and Groups: Swiss Airlines endeavors to seat families and groups together. However, it is recommended to reserve seats in advance to ensure this.

  2. Passengers with Special Needs: Passengers requiring special assistance or with specific seating needs should contact Swiss Airlines customer service to arrange suitable seating.


The Swiss Airlines Seat Selection Policy provides passengers with a variety of options to enhance their travel experience. By understanding and utilizing this policy, travelers can ensure a more comfortable and enjoyable journey. Whether you are flying Economy, Business, or First Class, Swiss Airlines offers the flexibility to choose the best seats according to your needs.


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