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JetBlue Seat Selection Policy JetBlue Airways is renowned for its customer-friendly policies and comfort-oriented services. One of the essential aspects of ensuring a pleasant travel experience is seat selection. Here's a comprehensive guide to JetBlue's seat selection policy:

Seat Selection Overview

In JetBlue Seat Selection Policy allows passengers to select their seats during booking, check-in, or anytime before the flight. The airline offers various seat types to cater to different preferences and needs, including Even More Space seats, standard seats, and Mint seats on select routes.

Types of Seats

  1. Even More Space Seats:

  • These seats offer additional legroom, allowing passengers to stretch out and enjoy a more comfortable flight.

  • Located in the front of the aircraft and in exit rows, they also provide early boarding and expedited security screening at select airports.

  • Passengers can purchase these seats for an extra fee, which varies depending on the route and availability.

  1. Standard Seats:

  • JetBlue's standard seats provide a generous amount of legroom compared to other airlines.

  • These seats are included in the ticket price, and passengers can select them during booking or check-in at no additional cost.

  1. Mint Seats:

  • Available on select routes, Mint seats are JetBlue's premium offering, featuring lie-flat seats, private suites, and enhanced dining options.

  • These seats are available for purchase as part of the Mint fare class.

How to Select Your Seat

  1. During Booking:

  • Passengers can choose their seats while booking their flight on JetBlue's website or mobile app.

  • After selecting the flight, the seat map will be displayed, allowing passengers to choose their preferred seats based on availability.

  1. Post-Booking:

  • If a seat wasn't selected during booking, passengers can log in to their JetBlue account, view their itinerary, and select seats through the "Manage Trips" section.

  • Seat selection can also be done via the JetBlue mobile app.

  1. During Check-In:

  • Passengers can select or change their seats during online check-in, which opens 24 hours before the scheduled departure time.

  • Self-service kiosks at the airport also allow seat selection during check-in.

Fees and Charges

  • Standard Seats: Included in the fare with no additional cost for selection.

  • Even More Space Seats: An extra fee applies, which varies based on the flight route and seat availability.

  • Mint Seats: Included in the Mint fare, which is higher than standard economy fares.

Seat Assignment for Mosaic Members

JetBlue's Mosaic members enjoy additional perks, including complimentary Even More Space seat selection based on availability. Mosaic status is JetBlue's elite status tier, offering various benefits to frequent flyers.

Important Considerations

  • Family Seating: JetBlue makes efforts to seat families together, particularly when traveling with children. It's advisable to select seats as early as possible to ensure adjacent seating.

  • Special Assistance: Passengers requiring special assistance or with specific seating needs should contact JetBlue's customer service. The airline is committed to accommodating passengers with disabilities or medical conditions.


JetBlue's seat selection policy is designed to provide flexibility and comfort to its passengers. Whether opting for the spacious Even More Space seats or enjoying the luxury of Mint, passengers have a range of choices to enhance their travel experience. By understanding and utilizing the seat selection options available, travelers can ensure a more enjoyable and personalized journey with JetBlue.


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