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Airfare Policies
Airfare Policies

JetBlue Airways is known for its excellent customer service and comfortable seating arrangements. Whether you are flying short-haul or long-haul, knowing how to select the best seat according to your preferences and needs can significantly enhance your travel experience. This article provides a detailed guide on how to make an informed JetBlue seat selection when booking a flight with JetBlue.

Understanding JetBlue’s Seating Options

JetBlue offers a variety of seating options across its fleet, including standard seats, Even More® Space seats, and Mint® seats on select flights. Here’s what you need to know about each:

Standard Seats

  • Comfort: JetBlue’s standard seats are among the roomiest in the economy class of U.S domestic airlines, with a pitch of 32-34 inches.

  • Cost: These seats are included in the base fare of your ticket, with no extra charge unless you opt for specific preferred seating locations.

Even More® Space Seats

  • Extra Legroom: Offers additional legroom with a seat pitch of 38-39 inches.

  • Early Boarding: Passengers also benefit from early boarding privileges, allowing more time to settle in before take-off.

  • Extra Cost: These seats are available at an additional cost which varies depending on the route and flight duration.

Mint® Seats (Available on Select Routes)

  • Lie-flat Beds: On coast-to-coast and some Caribbean routes, JetBlue offers Mint seating which includes lie-flat beds.

  • Premium Amenities: Includes enhanced privacy, dedicated service, and premium dining options.

  • Cost: Mint seats are premium priced and are a popular choice among business travelers looking for comfort and luxury.

How to Select Your JetBlue Seat?

At the Time of Booking

  • Online Booking: During the online booking process, you can view the seat map and choose your seat. This is the best time to secure your preferred spot.

  • JetBlue App: Use the JetBlue mobile app to select your seat anytime after your booking and before check-in.

After Booking

  • Manage Your Trip: Go to the ‘Manage your Trip’ section on JetBlue’s website to change or select your seat.

  • Customer Service: You can also call JetBlue’s customer service for seat selection assistance.

Tips for Choosing the Best Seat

  • Consider the Location: Depending on your preference, you might want to choose a window seat for the views, an aisle seat for easier access, or a middle seat if traveling with companions.

  • Avoid the Rows Near the Lavatories: These seats might have restricted recline and the area can become congested.

  • Check for Extra Legroom: Even if you’re not opting for Even More® Space seats, look for exit row seats which often offer more legroom.

  • Use Seat Reviews: Websites like SeatGuru can provide reviews and recommendations on specific seats on JetBlue flights based on comfort, location, and other factors.

Additional Considerations

  • Fee Waivers and Loyalty Benefits: Frequent flyers and members of JetBlue’s Mosaic program may enjoy waived or discounted seat selection fees.

  • Family Seating: When traveling with family, JetBlue makes an effort to keep everyone together. It is advisable to select seats at the time of booking to ensure this.


Choosing the right seat on JetBlue can significantly improve your flying experience. By understanding the different seating options and using the tips provided, you can ensure that you have the most comfortable and convenient flight possible. Whether you value legroom, privacy, or simply a great view, there’s a perfect seat waiting for you on your next JetBlue flight.


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