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Puravive Reviews (Consumer Reports and Complaints) Puravive$49

Puravive is a popular anti-aging supplement that claims to promote younger-looking skin and overall health. Many consumers have turned to this supplement in hopes of achieving a more youthful appearance, but with mixed reviews and complaints, it's important to take a closer look at Puravive before making a purchase.

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Consumer Reports:

According to consumer reports, Puravive has received both positive and negative feedback from users. Some have claimed to see noticeable improvements in their skin, such as reduced wrinkles and fine lines, while others have not seen any changes at all.

One consumer reported that they saw a significant decrease in the appearance of dark circles under their eyes after using Puravive for a few months. They also mentioned that their skin felt smoother and more hydrated. However, another consumer stated that they did not notice any changes in their skin after using the product for several weeks.

In terms of overall health, some users have reported feeling more energetic and having improved digestion after taking Puravive. However, others have experienced negative side effects such as nausea and headaches. As with any supplement, it's important to consult with a healthcare professional before adding it to your daily routine.


Despite some positive reviews, there have also been several complaints about Puravive. One common complaint is the price of the product. At $49.95 for a one-month supply, many consumers feel that Puravive is overpriced compared to similar anti-aging supplements on the market.

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Another issue that has been raised is the lack of results. Some users have expressed disappointment that they did not see any changes in their skin or overall health after using Puravive for an extended period of time. This has led to frustration and a feeling of wasting money on a product that did not deliver on its promises.

Some consumers have also complained about the auto-shipment program that comes with purchasing Puravive. This means that customers are automatically enrolled in a monthly subscription and charged for a new supply of the supplement unless they cancel their subscription. This has led to some customers feeling misled and having difficulty canceling their subscription.


In conclusion, Puravive has a mixed reputation among consumers. While some have reported positive results in terms of improved skin and overall health, others have not seen any changes or have experienced negative side effects. The high price and auto-shipment program have also been major sources of complaints.

If you are considering trying Puravive, it's important to do your own research and consult with a healthcare professional. Keep in mind that results may vary and it may not be suitable for everyone. As with any supplement, it's important to carefully read the ingredients and follow the recommended dosage.


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